About Us

Bonjour Bellas and Beaus, and welcome to Bella Noire Beauty! I go by Ariel, aka Ari, and I am the creator and CEO. I am a native of Norfolk, VA, but now reside in Greensboro, NC. I hold a B.S from The Virginia State University, and a first time mommy to my beautiful daughter A.K. Im super into astrology & mythology which is where part of the theme of my business stems from. I absolutely adore the moon and night sky and believe there's nothing more beautiful than the dark of night, littered with the glow of the moon and stars. Beautiful, dark, magical and mysterious. I just wanted you all to know a little about your new glitter & gloss dealer, lol. Now, on to the good stuff!  

Bella Noire Beauty, loosely translated, means beautiful Black. I've always had a love for the French language (I speak a bit thanks to school) so when trying to come up with a name for my business, I wanted something that was meaningful. While BNB is a friend to women of ALL colors, I did create this brand to shine a light on WOC in the Beauty industry. I want them to know that their skin is positively radiant, no matter how dark or light. I also want people to believe in themselves and their talents. We all have dreams, and I believe we need to pursue them fearlessly!

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